10 smart habits for a home that is always clean and tidy

When it comes to cleanliness and organization, every woman has some customs. However, it is important to also appreciate some habits that always make the house less messy, which will make it easier to clean and tidy up. These practices can and should be adopted by everyone who lives in the house and will help you save time cleaning, check it out.


1 – Everything in its place

This is an organization rule that can be used for everything. When using a comb or brush put it back into place. When cleaning, put everything back in place. This way, you avoid having to put everything in the middle of the way before or during cleaning.

2 – Take off your shoes

Even when the shoes are apparently clean, they still carry impurities and dust coming from the street and from the places they have passed. Not to mention rainy days where shoes can get muddy.

Take off your shoes before entering the home as well as avoid bringing bacteria into your home and helps reduce dirt from the floor, making your cleaning easier and faster.

3 – Use the vacuum cleaner and the broom in your favor

If you do the cleaning once or twice a week, on the other days try to keep the rooms clean without accumulating dirt by doing some small cleanings. Vacuum or sweep a room a day and see how the cleaning will become more practical.

4 – Cleaning the bathroom during the bath

During the bath, try to throw warm water on the walls so that the dirt gradually dwindles and never builds up. Some products like hair conditioner can stick together and are difficult to remove when dry. Therefore, throw water on the walls before leaving the stall and remove hair that is left in the drain to keep the place clean.

5 – Keep sinks clean and dry

Both the kitchen and bathroom sinks when dirty give the impression that the whole house is dirty. Therefore, whenever you use them, flush some tap water to remove thicker dirt and prevent the accumulation of dust or debris from products and food.
Watch for toothpaste left in the bathroom sink and leftover food that may collect and stick to the kitchen sink. The sooner they are removed, the easier it will be to eliminate these messes.

6 – Food and drinks only in the kitchen

Avoid eating in places other than the kitchen or dining room so it is easier to see the dirt and clean up right after the meal. Eating and drinking on the living room sofa, for example, may leave some traces that make it difficult to clean. Always clean the place where you ate and your house will be cleaned for longer.

7 – Never leave the dishes today for tomorrow

Letting the dishes sit overnight may seem very tempting when you’re tired, but aside from calling cockroaches, this habit makes you take longer to clean. Washing the dishes the same day, you prevent the leftover food from drying out and getting hard on the dishes, cutlery and pots. Therefore: he ate, he washed.

8 – Care at cooking time

Having a special treat when it comes to chopping the tomatoes or when stirring the sauce in the pan are habits that avoid messing up your kitchen. Try not to cut food or stir them in the pan too abruptly so they will not splash on the stove, sink and the wall of your kitchen. If this happens, clean it immediately while it is still easy.

9 – Watch out for minor accidents

Some slips like dropping water when it comes to wetting a plant, letting water drip from the hair on the floor when leaving the bath and dropping sugar in the cupboard when opening the pot are completely preventable. Care and caring when doing things at home help you prevent these minor accidents that can make your house all dirty.

10 – East who lives with you

Finally, these suggestions may not go far enough if you follow them, but the other inhabitants of the house do not. So try to guide them and encourage these smart habits. Thus, your home is always clean and tidy and you spend less time undergoing to remove the dirt and organize the mess. Source: goodhomeids.net

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