7 Ways to End Ants in the Kitchen

Even if you keep everything very clean, it is not uncommon for these insects to appear in your kitchen and to attack foods that are out of the refrigerator.

Urban ant species feed on sugar and protein, so it is their nature to go into environments rich in these nutrients.

But that does not mean that you simply have to extend the red carpet to greet these intruders. Here are 7 ways to get rid of the ants in your kitchen:


1. Detergent trick

Mix one part water and one part detergent and place the liquid in a weak spray. Spray the mixture in the corners, crevices and other spaces that may house ant nests.

2. Vinegar

After cleaning the kitchen, sprinkle vinegar on the floor, especially in the corners, to prevent insects from appearing.

3. Protect your sugar bowl

To prevent the darn ants from invading your sugar bowl, always place a piece of lemon peel or orange peel inside it. The clove also works.

4. Cloves of clove and cinnamon

Fill tulip sachets with cloves or cinnamon sticks and scatter the environment. The essential oils of these ingredients scare the ants. Do not forget to change sachets every two weeks.

5. Cayenne pepper and coffee grounds

If you know where the ant hole is, cover it with a portion of cayenne or coffee grounds – the latter is best suited for homes with children or animals, as it will not cause unpleasant reactions if swallowed.

6. Lemon juice

Startle the ants by spreading lemon juice on the edges of the windows and on the doorposts that are exposed outside the house. The citrus scent is not pleasant to these insects.

7. Vaseline

To prevent ants from attacking your pet’s water and food jars, pass a small amount of petroleum jelly on its edges.

Other tips to prevent ants from appearing are to keep food covered, to immediately clean any debris that falls on the floor or other surfaces, to clean under the appliances and to keep the trash cans tightly closed. If none of that does, though, the way it’s going to be to call a digitizing company. Source: cleanipedia.com

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