Best Hitch Cargo Carriers in the Market Today

merax cargo carrierAre you looking for the best hitch cargo carrier for your next trip? Don’t worry, you clicked the right article. There are many manufacturers and brand names of cargo carriers but only few are considered the best. Without further ado, these are 3 best cargo carriers in the market today:

ROLA 59550 Dart Premium Folding Cargo Carrier 

From the premium word on its name, you can see why this is one of the best cargo carrier. This cargo carrier is loaded with many great features. First of all, it can be folded; makes storage easier when not in use. Then, it has additional holes on the back made purposely for license plate relocation. Lastly, it has rise shank so if you are using short car, it won’t get damaged by the bump.

Highland 1042000 Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier 

Are you looking for outstanding cargo carrier that can mount your heavy luggage but have simple design? Now your search has ended; this cargo carrier can mount up to 300 pounds and the design is simple. This cargo carrier is stable on heavy weight luggage and it is made of heavy-duty durable steel coated with anti-rusting and anti-scratch powder. It has many tie-down holes on the sides so your luggage will be safe from falling.

Pro Series Cargo Hitch with Cargo Bag Bundle 

Lastly, this cargo carrier offers a great deal not only that it is the largest cargo carrier in the market but it also has great feature that it comes with. First, it can hold up 500 pounds of your luggage. Second, it has spacious rack of 11.6 inches x 9.2 inches x 5.7 inches that can fit any luggage. It comes with a cargo bag in every purchase. The construction is coated with anti-rusting, anti-weather, and anti-scratch powder.

These cargo carriers are surely the best 3 among the others with outstanding features. If you are looking for the best cargo carriers then you just need to choose one of these. So, which hitch cargo carrier you are about to buy for your trip?

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