Easy Way to Overcome the Oily Face That Causes Acne

Oily face actually has the best function for skin. Moreover, oil on the face will also keep the skin moist while you do the activity. However, if the production of oil on the facial skin is too excessive, then this will be a big problem. The appearance of acne is a major problem when you have oily skin that is too much. In addition, dirt and bacteria will easily stick to the pores when you do indoor and outdoor activities. Of course you have to do some ways to anticipate the excessive oil causes acne on the face.


An easy way to deal with oily facial skin consists of:


Wash your face after doing many activities

If you frequently do activities inside and outside the room, should clean face regularly. Moreover, the intensity of the activity will also be a trigger oil production in facial skin. You can use a special soap cleanser that also serves to control oil production in facial skin. However, you should also choose a good soap to deal with oily skin over a period of time. This should do to get better results. Consult a dermatologist for a good facial cleanser recommendation and have no significant side effects.


Consumption of enough white water can overcome oily face

Adequate consumption of water considered to have an effect on the whole freshness of the body. Moreover, this will also have an impact on your skin. The production of oil on facial skin will be more and more when the body is dehydrated. Moreover, the body fluids that come out when you do activities also require a balanced substitute. Calculation of water consumption gives the best impact to your skin like 2 liters a day. Calculations like this of course you can apply every day.


Use an egg white mask to absorb excess oil

To overcome the oily face of course you can also apply the mask. Some of the masks you use can come from natural ingredients. Moreover, natural ingredients like this also will not provide side effects on facial skin. An egg white mask may be the best option to deal with very oily facial skin. How to apply this mask is also quite easy. You only need to apply directly the egg white evenly on all parts of the face. Let stand for approximately 15 minutes. After that, rinse and clean all parts of your face by using warm water. Do this every day to get better results.


Protect skin moisture with cucumber slices or tomatoes

Cucumbers and tomatoes will have an effect on your oily face. In fact, these vegetables can also consume directly to get better results. In addition, the use of directly on the skin also considered to provide comfort. Cucumber slices or tomatoes can placed on the face evenly. Use this vegetable as a natural mask to absorb excess oil. Leave the cucumber or tomato slices for 10 minutes, and then wipe the entire face. You can do this before bed. To get better results, we recommend doing it every day. Always use fresh cucumbers or tomatoes.

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