Kitchen planned: is it worth to bet on one?

Most people want to have a house that – much more than pretty – is comfortable. And, in this sense, the planned environments have been the great bet of many families.

An environment is planned according to the spatial dimensions that the space offers, its measures in general, its flows of passages and openings of doors and windows related to the functional use of this environment.

With regard to the kitchen specifically, the planned environment is thought to take advantage of all its space in a functional and harmonic way. “In addition to the aesthetics chosen for the kitchen, the frequency of use of the kitchen, the number of people that will use it and the ergonomics necessary to serve the kitchen users will also be considered,” said Graziella Aguiar, architect and consultant of Master House Maintenance and Reforms.

Types of planned kitchens

Graziella explains that there are two types of planned kitchens:

With modular furniture: when the manufacturer stipulates the dimensions of furniture that he works and these dimensions are appropriate to the measurements of the environment.

With custom furniture: when, as the name says, the furniture is manufactured according to the measures stipulated by the project.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Planned Kitchen

According to the architect, the advantages of a planned kitchen are numerous. “In addition to being able to choose colors and finishes that will bring a visual comfort to the owner, the planned kitchen is thought up according to his routine,” he says.

“Through a planned kitchen, it is possible to meet all the needs of the client, be it more space to store utensils, groceries or even a better area to cook for many people. Anyway, for each case a different kitchen is thought “, adds Graziella.

But what about the disadvantages? Graziella says it’s very difficult to pinpoint a downside to the planned kitchen. “I believe the only one is the fact that because it is made for a certain location, it is not mobile. That is, if you move house, [probably] can not take the kitchen, “he explains.


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