Price Machine Embroidery Computer Second / Used

Price Machine Embroidery Computer Second / Used

Jasa bordir komputer There are some people who dare to spend capital to buy second-hand computer embroidery machines. Do you know how much money they should invest to open this service?
The engine is huge. And quite possibly the price is expensive. And that’s true. Price of used computer embroidery machine can reach Rp 150 million. Of course there are cheaper about 80 an million rupiah. However, what about the quality lost the cheap when the machine used?

There are several brands of computer embroidery machine that many diincar. For example Lung Xiang brand. In comparison to several other brands, this one is a lot of searching for second or secondhand. And the price between Rp 100 million to Rp 150 million, depending on the quality of the engine is still good or not.
You may ask why many people dare to make an embroidery business. In fact, you can see in various small towns have many service providers like this. bordir komputer

No longer is it due to the demand or demand is very high. Currently, buying and selling clothes is not only controlled by retail. Everyone can have their own products and sell their own. Thank you for the internet. This is what opens up the opportunity for anyone who wants to own their own clothing brand.

Of course when it comes to embroidery, it’s not just about clothes. Hats, bags, pillowcases, towels, and so on can be more interesting by embroidery. bordir bekasi
And who is the target market of these computer embroidery service providers? The target market is very wide. Indifferent every individual who wants to have their own product. The easy target is the owners of hotels, schools, organizations, agencies, and so on where they make t-shirts or clothes that have embroidery.

So, obviously why many people dare to spend a lot to buy second-hand computer embroidery machines?

However, for you as a consumer, of course you should be vigilant. Once you know a lot of second embroidery machines used by computer embroidery service providers, you have to be careful whether the machine is still good or not. However, the machine will determine the final result of the embroidery made. jasa bordir komputer bekasi

Apart from that, you are the beneficiary of this kind of situation. More and more computer embroidery service providers make their price war. The more affordable the price of computer embroidery today. In fact, there is also a computer embroidery unit. So you do not need a lot of messages. However, if the quantity is small, it usually costs more. This is what you have to anticipate.
To be sure, computer embroidery machines make the embroidery process faster. And the results are even smoother and more interesting even though service providers use second-hand computer embroidery machines.

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