Some causes of flatulence should known

Flatulence can be a serious health problem if not addressed immediately.


Abdominal bloating occurs due to too much gas coming from the stomach and intestines. The gas that accumulates in one part of the stomach is usually an energy that can support your activities. However, a portion of the gas is also disposed of naturally through the sewer. The process of discharge of gas coming from the stomach often called a waste of wind. However, when you experience excessive gas discharges with considerable amounts, then this will related to the condition on your digestive system. There are many factors that can affect the emergence of a lot of gas that causes stomach bloating.


Some causes of flatulence usually consist of:


Intentionally or not to swallow a lot of air of causes of flatulence

When you do some outdoor or indoor activities, there is usually some air coming through your mouth. This happens when you are talking or eating. Incoming air expenditure is usually through the process of belching. However, when the air swallowed too much, then you will experience flatulence. This is what causes your stomach to feel abnormal.


The causes of flatulence from food

You should know that there are some foods that adversely affect the gas in the digestive process. This can cause your stomach to have a lot of gas. Moreover, some foods that you often consume usually contain substances that not perfectly digested. In addition, the amount of food that enters the stomach will also affect the amount of gas in the intestine and stomach.


Drugs can also be one of causes of flatulence

Some doctors reveal that medications can also cause your stomach to bloat for quite a long time. Moreover, supplements included in the drug will also increase the amount of gas in the intestine and stomach. Chemical drugs also have considerable side effects on flatulence. Therefore, you should take into account the side effects when you want to take certain medications.


Abdominal bloating from disease

Your health condition also considered to have an effect on flatulence. Moreover, such diseases will also affect the health of the intestine and stomach. Gas production in some main organ will also make your body condition is not good. This makes you have to pay attention to some diseases that will affect your stomach condition.


Diseases that causes of flatulence to bloat for a long time like allergies to food. Usually when you feel an allergy to food, acid in the stomach will increase drastically and gas will enter through the intestine to the stomach. Dumping Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Syndrome also considered having a pretty bad impact on the gas in your stomach. In addition, doctors also revealed that acute heartburn should the biggest cause of flatulence you feel. Moreover, abnormal conditions in the stomach will cause gas production is not controlled to the stomach.

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