Some Type of Skin Diseases That Should Avoided

Currently, there many type of skin diseases that often invade your body.


Body hygiene is the key to avoiding many skin diseases. Moreover, some of you also have a quite different body resistance. Of course the better the body condition, then you will also more easily avoid from many diseases. This is what makes you must be careful of various type of skin diseases that will attack the body. Usually some causes of itchy skin diseases like this are bacteria and fungi. The following is a type of skin disease consisting of:


Itchy skin disease is very sore skin

This type of skin diseases often experience by people who lack hygiene. In addition, injuries to the outer parts of the body can also be a major cause. Moreover, the outer wound also affected by bacterial infection of Staphylococcus Aureus. The bacteria cause infection locally. However, if not treated immediately, then the ulcers that are in the outermost skin will more enlarge.


According to a dermatologist, a lump in a boil contains fluid that has pain when touched by another object. You can use some cream medicine that will reduce inflammation in boils. Apply evenly on the outer portion of the ulcer. Some dermatologists also advise you to take medication in via tablets or capsules. However, it will also accompanied by a calculation of your body condition.


Ringworm on the outer skin

Ringworm is one type of skin diseases that is quite annoying. This type of itchy skin disease occurs due to the fungus that resides on skin. Usually this itchy disease arises with a circular shape and the skin will thickened. Then, the skin becomes scaly to remove water in certain parts. After that, there will be white patches on the thickened skin.


To prevent this type of skin diseases is enough itch, you have to keep the body clean. Moreover, ringworm often occurs on the nape, neck, scalp, until the corner of the body that often sweat. You can also use a special soap containing sulfur to reduce bacteria attached to the outermost. Usually dermatologist will also recommend using a special cream that applied evenly.


Chicken pox is usually only once in a lifetime

For some people, chickenpox only happens once in a lifetime. However, some people also experience several times chicken pox. This is certainly due to reduced immune. The virus that attacks the body will make you feel the fever is high enough. After that, in the outer skin will appear red spots and spread evenly. In a certain period of time, red spots will become larger and have fluid in it.


You should not scratch or touch the red spot. This will make the spread of red spots getting worse. To prevent the spread of chickenpox you advised to have sufficient rest time. You also advised to reduce the consumption of eggs or processed meat from poultry. Always use a special powder that will reduce inflammation in red spots. Powder menthol can be one option to overcome the excessive itching.

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